How to Block Websites on iPhone or iPad?

You have young children at home and you do not want them to visit certain pages? Whether you're concerned about pornography, gaming sites, or streaming services, we've got you covered.

Apple now lets you control what type of content can be accessed while browsing on the iPhone and iPad.

So here's how to block websites on an iPhone or iPad.

How to Block Websites on an iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad include built-in tools that control which websites children can visit. The feature allows adults to block access to websites and the settings are password protected, so a child cannot change them.

Here are the steps to follow to block access to a website:

  • First, go to iPhone home screen, tap Settings .
  • Then press Screen time.

  • Select Content and Privacy.

  • Press Content restrictions.
  • Select web content .
  • Press Limit adult websites.

At the bottom there is another option. Here you can block individual websites by tapping "Add website" under "NEVER ALLOW".

This is where you type in the specific sites you want to block, like, for example.

Restrict web browsing to approved sites only

Instead of counting restrictions to filter the entire internet, use the feature Authorized websites to create a set of websites that are the only ones your children can visit. It gives you more control and is suitable for young children.

Functionality Authorized websites is located on the same screen as Limit adult content.

To add new sites to this list, follow these steps:

  • Scroll down the list of approved websites and tap Add website.
  • In the Title text box, enter the name of the website.
  • In the URL text box, type the website address.
  • Tap Web Content (or Websites ) to return to the previous screen. Repeat for as many sites as you want.