Data Backup and Restore on PC Windows 10

back up pc
back up pc

If you are a person who wants to back up their data without the hassle, who doesn't want to spend 7 hours setting up a backup or restore then this tutorial is for you.

Thanks to Paragon Backup and Recovery, you will be able to back up and secure all your personal data efficiently and for free.

What is Paragon Backup and Recovery?

Paragon Backup and Recovery is powerful software for backup and recovery of hard drives. It allows you to make a completed backup of your computer, and makes it much easier for you to restore your data if something turns sour.

The software allows the full disk backup or a partition, rather than individual files or directories. The data is then compressed to save disk space, and can be viewed as many times as you want.

You can choose to start a full system backup or offline. This saves the changes made to files since the last backup. The archive can be saved locally or to online discs, external disc, optical disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray), or to a secure partition on your hard drive.

Le restoration program allows you to choose what you want to recover, such as all the archives contained in your disks or a single file. In addition, the software allows you to create a USB key bootable that allows you to boot if your system stops booting. You will be able to create, format or modify existing disks or partitions with the software.

The program has an express mode and an advanced mode. We will use advanced mode because it offers more possibilities on backups. It is compatible with all versions Windows.

How to backup your PC data?

Download Paragon Backup and Recovery

First of all start with download Paragon backup and recovery and install it on your machine.

Start the software, then click on "Bakcup Source". Every time you go to use the software, it will prompt you to create a worthwhile recovery CD. You can close this dialog box if you don't want to create a disc just yet.

Select the sources you want to back up

Now choose the disks or partitions you want to back up. Click on "next"

Then choose the location where you want to save the archive: either a drive, partition, network drive or CD / DVD / Blu-ray. The estimated archive size is displayed to help you choose. To do this, click on the Destination button.

Choose a drive from the list. Click on "Next". "Create a new folder" and give it a name. You can rename your archive then click on "Next". Click "Back up now" for a single backup, or you can schedule regular backups.

Specify the frequency of backing up your pc

In "Sheduler", specify the frequency of backing up your pc. You can choose to schedule the backup for a specific date and time.

If you do not want your PC to restart after the backup is complete, check the "Do not restart" box.

Secure your Backup

To secure your backup, click on "Enter a username and password" at the bottom of the "Scheduler" window. Selecting "Do not specify a password" means that the archive can be read by anyone.

View a summary of the backup

Click "Next" to view a summary of the backup, then click "Finish" to create the archive. If you have chosen a regular backup, you can see it in the "Scheduled Tasks" tab. You can view all your backups in the "archives" tab.

How to restore all your data?

To restore your data, just click on "Restore"and select a backup.
If you need to restore a partition, you can change the size and assign a letter to the drive. Click on "finish". You can access these options in "Archives". You can restore an image of an entire hard drive.