How to analyze your cookies Windows ?

cookies management
cookies management

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

Have you ever been surfing the Internet and an advertisement for a product you previously searched for appeared? Are e-commerce sites flooding you with product recommendations that might interest you?

It seems like the site you're visiting knows you inside out, and that's actually thanks to cookies.

And when I say cookies, I'm not talking about the cookies you eat for snacks but rather the text format files saved on your PC by the site you are visiting, that's a tracking tool that tracks your online behavior.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are stored by websites on your hard drive. This storage is carried out by your browser. This is used by the website you are visiting to recognize you.

Also, when several days after your visit, you come back to the same site, it will ask for your cookie, and if it is still present on your hard drive, the website will read the information contained in the cookie and redirect you to your session without authentication. They are also used for marketing purposes to track you down through the sites you surf.

How to manage or delete cookies?

Each browser uses its own cookie storage folder. If you want to delete or manage your cookies and you are using multiple browsers, you will need to open the folders one by one.

Fortunately there is MZCookiesView for Firefox et Chrome CookiesView for chrome. Two free utilities for Windows who will carry out all these operations for you.

These two applications facilitate the cookie management for Firefox and Chrome browsers installed on your PC.

They allow you to view, manage and delete cookie files that are stored on your computer with just one click. If you want, you can also specify certain websites to exclude or automate the cleanup process.

How to use MZCookiesView and ChromeCookiesView?

On start-up, both programs list all the cookies found on your system. Different counters indicate the number of new cookies found since the last analysis, the number of active cookies, how many it has deleted and the amount of web bugs.

Whether you are an individual or a security-conscious business, ChromeCookiesView and MZCookiesView are great tools for analyzing and quickly manage the content of cookies left on your system and possibly clean them up.