View Instagram profile without account

Instagram without account
Instagram without account

For a few years now, we realize that the photo and more generally the images take an increasingly central place in our life. From then on, we are no longer really surprised to see that social networks like Instagram are popular right now.

So, you're tempted to go there every now and then to see what your favorite celebs are posting, but you stumble upon a bone. In fact, without logging in, you quickly have limitations that annoy you.

Therefore, you have on paper only the choice, you must create an account on Instagram. Except that here, we will see that there exist some solutions to see an Instagram profile without an account without necessarily going through the painful creation of an account!

Limitations when accessing Instagram

As we have just said, on paper, Instagram is accessible to everyone, whether you have an account or not. Indeed, if you do a type search for “star name + Instagram”, you will be able to access their page.

You will even be able to look at some photos and start scrolling in its HISTORY. Except that after a few minutes, you will have a pop up that will appear. This pop up, it asks you to log in and it is impossible to just close it.

The only solution is to close Instagram and come back to it again to be able to browse a few minutes before this unwanted pop-up returns. Additionally, you won't be able to access stories if you're not logged in.

Therefore, for look at some Instagram photos very occasionally, this solution can do the trick. However, if you want a little more, we won't recommend it.

Access Instagram via Facebook

Don't want to bother creating an account, but you're also not totally against the idea of ​​having an account if it only takes you a few seconds to log in?

Well, the solution could be Facebook, if tempted that you already have an account there. Indeed, Instagram is part of the Facebook group and it is therefore possible to have a single account for both social networks!

On the Instagram login page, you are asked to log in directly via your Facebook account.

It only takes a few minutes and takes away all the restrictions we talked about before.

Using Dumpor

Finally, our last solution will be suitable for those who do not have a Facebook account or have one, but refuse to link it to Instagram. Here, the service we are going to present to you is Dumps.

The principle of this service is very simple, you only have to enter the name of the star that you are going to want to search and you will have access to everything, as if you were logged in to Instagram yourself.

The site is well done and there is even French available in the language if you ever have a little trouble understanding English. You will then be able to access the photos and stories of your favorite stars.

Be careful, however, you will not be able to interact with these publications by liking or commenting. For this, you must create an account or link your Facebook account.