FLAC, music in high quality

high quality music flac%C3%A9
high quality music flac%C3%A9

You should know that MP3 does not provide good quality for your ears. Even though it is easier to store, it loses a lot of musical quality during its conversion.

For lovers of good sound who want to keep CD quality, there is FLAC, a "lossless" format.

FLAC, designates a data lossless audio compression format. There are no differences with the original CD. It is therefore one of the best qualities of a sound file.

Let's see how to extract and encode a disc to this format.

Convert Audio CD to FLAC

Step 1:

Start by install Foobar2000 in its standard version then the FLAC codec . When launching the software, you will be asked to configure the interface, just do OK so as not to be bored anymore.

Step 2: 

Place your CD in the drive and on the software, go to File -> Open audio CD. Choose the letter of the reading and do rip. The software will look for information about your album in a database. If the latter does not find anything, you can choose the other in Source. Then do Proceed to the converter setup dialog.


Step 3:

In this new window, you will have to click in Format output and choose FLAC. You can then go to Edit to adjust the Compression Level. Since FLAC is non-destructive, it is not about quality, but about encoding speed. The larger the number, the slower the encoding will be. In return. The final file will be smaller.

Step 4:

Finally, validate, do back and choose the destination of the FLAC files. Done Convert. The software will ask you to point to the codec flac.exe that you have installed (not the installation file, but the EXE contained in C: Program Files (x86) FLAC). And let's go for the conversion. 🙂