Glasses for seeing under clothes: myth or reality?

x ray glasses
x ray glasses

Last updated: October 9, 2022

Personally, I did not believe this story of " Telescope to see under clothing ". But when I discovered the DeepNude app, I finally changed my mind.

Almost everything is now possible with the help of technology. Today you can see through clothes but not with glasses but with a cell phone.

See under clothes with an app

The idea is not new, but still a dream: a technology capable of revealing what remains hidden under clothing.

In 2009, several applications for see under girls clothes have seen the day. Among them, DeepNUde. This application uses the Deepfake technology which consists of using algorithms to transpose visual or sound elements from one video to another.

Its most malicious use? Take the face of a woman to integrate it perfectly on a pornographic actress in a video or in a Photo.

Until now, the deepfake was not a major danger, because it was complex to use. But that was before the DeepNude team opened Pandora's Box.

To use this app, all you need to do is have a photo of a woman – with as little clothing on as possible – and upload it. From there, the application creates a new photo of the woman without any clothing and in which the breasts and vagina can be clearly seen. And all this in less than a minute.

Fortunately, after several denunciations from different organizations, the app team pulled DeepNude from the net. We can nevertheless assume that people who have acquired it could well share it later.

You have been warned! : Beware applications that offer to see under clothing on the Play store and the App store. Most of them are scams. One should always check the terms and conditions, reviews and ratings of the app before installing it on your phone.

Are there glasses that can see through clothing?

Well no ! Sorry to disappoint, but you can't see through a wall (like Superman). And there are no glasses that can see through clothes.

No technology yet allows such a result to be obtained with glasses in real life.

Can I buy x-ray glasses to see through clothes?

Many years ago on the back page of comic books there was an advertisement from a company called The Johnson Smith Co.. And they were advertising x-ray glasses.

Being the good boy that I was, I ordered a pair in the mail! Ha Ha….In the box, there were bright red swirls on thick paper with a small hole in the middle. It was their version of “lentils”. I took apart the "lenses" and there was a feather sandwiched in there.

So if you look through this little hole, it will distort your vision by seeing the same object superimposed on each other, one smaller than the other... it was their "X-Ray".

In short, according to science, today it is impossible to see naked people through their clothes.

You may be able to see the outline of their body...or some soft tissue with underexposure. The best you'll get might be a glimpse of someone's genitals. But what you really see well are the piercings! More genital piercings than you can imagine!


Although real x-ray glasses don't exist yet, that doesn't mean we can't invent them in the near future.

One thing is sure: le future will have nothing to see with the present. What was once a silly notion in the pages of a comic book may soon become a reality. Even Superman would be surprised!