GEGeek Tech Toolkit: a huge toolkit for hackers

GEGeek TechToolkit a huge box %C3%A0 tools for hackers
GEGeek TechToolkit a huge box %C3%A0 tools for hackers

Last updated: December 31, 2022

On the face of it, I think I have already introduced you Net Tools, a tool for hackers. GEGeek Tech Toolkit is kind of in the same category.

It is  a compilation of nearly 700 tools to place in your USB key or portable hard drive.

If you are a geek and you like to tweak, GEGeek Tech Toolkit you will surely like it. It's a real Swiss army knife!

The available tools are organized into folders and allow you to remove malware, make backups, scan suspicious files, transfer files remotely, encrypt your folders, etc. All accessible directly from a simple menu for launching software.


Here is a short list of the programs included in the toolkit:

A real treat for hackers!

The only downside to GEGeek Tech Toolkit is that is not bootable.

Note that you must temporarily disable your antivirus protection software when unzipping the pack.

This utility was available for free but the developer decided to change the rules and ask for donations to download it.