Freegate: a door to freedom of expression

Freegate a gateway to freedom of expression
Freegate a gateway to freedom of expression

You may not know it but internet censorship is widely applied in a few countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Syria, Iran, etc.

At least 18 websites are blocked from inside mainland China, according to a Harvard study.

Would you soon be passing through a country where Internet censorship is carried out? So rather than comply with the filtering practiced in these countries and not be able to take advantage of the entire internet, I suggest you take with you free gate, a simple, light and easily transportable software.

Freegate is a small anti-censorship program that provides secure and almost anonymous access to the internet. No need to install or change the system settings, you can take it with you on a USB stick.


To function, it uses a network of proxy which communicates using P2P technology encrypted with an original and unique algorithm.

Much easier to set up than TOR, Freegate is an alternative solution to surf freely, write on forums or leave comments freely.

Note that, because of its ability to connect to different proxies as well as its action on firewalls blocking sites, Freegate is sometimes detected as a Trojan horse. Of course, it is not. You have nothing to fear.

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