Free up your phone's RAM Android

increase ram android
increase ram android

Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

RAM is an essential component that directly affects the speed of your phone Android. The larger its capacity, the faster and smoother you will be able to run applications.

However, over time, your smartphone may have difficulty handling the most recent applications

If your tablet or smartphone shows signs of fatigue and you want to optimize your RAM, here is a simple and effective method to speed up and free up RAM on Android.

How RAM Works Android ?

Just like in a computer, RAM only works when your device is turned on. In fact, it disappears as soon as you turn it off.

It is thanks to RAM that you can use your applications. However, the more applications you open, the slower access can become. If your phone Android responds slowly, this is often because the RAM is full: too many applications are open simultaneously. Therefore, it is essential to free up RAM regularly.

Regarding performance, the rule is simple: the more RAM your device has, the more applications it can handle and perform many operations quickly.

Thanks to the Phone Master application, you can clear the memory and boost the speed of your phone Android easily.

Optimize your mobile's RAM with CCleaner

CCleaner is a versatile application which, in addition to clean unnecessary files, provides functionality for free up your device's RAM Android, thus helping to improve its overall performance.

To use CCleaner, start with download from Google Play Store. Once installed, open the application and navigate to the section dedicated to memory optimization. CCleaner will allow you to see which applications are consuming the most RAM and give you the option to close them, freeing up valuable system resources.

Select option Analyse for the app to look at the RAM usage on your device. After scanning, CCleaner will display a list of running applications and processes. You can then choose to close unnecessary applications by clicking on Clean ou Optimize RAM.

Voila, now you know how free your phone's RAM Android.

CCleaner offers an efficient and fast solution. Since using it, my Google Pixel has improved in performance.


Apps that you install on your device take up space in your phone's internal memory. Furthermore, your phone is equipped with RAM to ensure these applications can be opened quickly and their data easily accessed. However, if you experience slowdowns with your phone, it could be that it is using its RAM excessively.

In order to improve its speed, it is recommended to free up this RAM. Rest assured, freeing up RAM does not delete your data, such as your photos, your identifiers or your stored downloads in internal memory.