Free up your Android phone's RAM

increase ram android
increase ram android

RAM is an important component that directly influences the operating speed of your Android phone. The more you have, the faster and more smoothly you'll be able to run applications. As it ages, your smartphone will have more and more difficulty in supporting the latest generation applications.

If you have a tired tablet or smartphone and you want optimize your RAM so here is a simple and practical technique to speed up and free android ram.

How does Android RAM work?

Also available in a computer, RAM is used only when your device is powered on. Once switched off, this RAM is erased.

It is the RAM that gives you the ability to use your applications. The more apps you open, the harder it is to access them. When your Android phone is slow, it responds less well, it means that your RAM is full: you have too many applications open at the same time. It is necessary free android ram regularly.

When it comes to performance, it's no secret, the more RAM you have, the more it can run applications and therefore allow your system to perform more operations.

With the application RAM accelerator (Memory Booster), you will be able to clean up memory easily and improve the running speed of your Android phone.

Increase the RAM of your mobile with RAM Accelerator

RAM Accelerator is a small application that allows cleaning the memory that applications use, as well as processes running in the background that are not necessary for the proper functioning of your Android.

To use it, nothing could be simpler. Simply download the application from Google Play and once on the home screen, press the " Fast optimization To free the memory.

To gain fluidity, before launching a game for example or if your device is lagging, you can choose to kill applications that are running in the background, even if you have quit them.

To do this, go to "Quick Boost"and select those which are unnecessary and which take up too much space. Attention, by default they are all checked. Then take action with the Boost button.

The application also has a "Startup Boost"which allows you to turn off apps that automatically start every time the phone turns on.

Finally in the settings, you can specify to send a notification if the threshold drops below 30%, select a whitelist of applications not to be killed or even activate a auto boost at regular intervals.

Voila, now you know how free your phone's RAM.

The RAM Accelerator is a quick and easy solution. Since using this app, the performance of my Google Pixel has improved significantly.