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instagram followers
instagram followers

Dernière mise à jour: 25 mai 2024

Do you have an Instagram account with rich and constructive content and looking to have targeted followers interested in your posts? Do you want to gain effective visibility to reach your customers on Instagram?

With the online service combine, you have all the features for get a lot of Instagram followers. The icing on the cake: it offers a free offer to test all the essential functions of the application.

As you know, some merchant sites offer software providing fake likes and subscribe to robot accounts. As a result, their accounts are blocked or deleted from Instagram.

Unlike these fake software, Combin allows you toget Instagram followers in a natural way, efficient and without risk of blocking or deletion of account.

Combin, how does it work?

Everyone knows that one of the techniques that works best to attract a lot of followers on Instagram is to follow other accounts interested in publications related to your account.

Combin allows this operation to be carried out in bulk or manually.

After installing Combin on your machine, it gives you the ability to search for publications by hashtag or location and automate the following tasks with just one click:

  • Like the latest publications
  • Add a comment to publications
  • Mass track author accounts of publications
  • Know and follow a competitor's followers en masse
  • Identify and unsubscribe from accounts that don't follow you

How to use Combin?

Get followers and likes on Instagram

To start, download Combin here which has the particularity of working on all operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

Enter the username and password for your Instagram account. Click on connect.

After logging in, the first step will be to define and configure the search criteria associated with your target audience:

  • hashtags used by them,
  • geographic locations,
  • competing accounts they follow.

To do this, go to the “Search” tab in Combin and click on “Add a search”.

Optimize your search for publications by applying the following filters: hashtag, place of publication, date of publication then click on “Search”.

Combin shows you the filtered posts and accounts.

Now, click on “Select All” then you have the choice of:

  • automatically like the latest publications from these accounts
  • to comment on their publications
  • to follow them.

There it's finished ! After that, these tasks will be created automatically and will be executed by the application. You can follow its progress in the History tab.

Unsubscribe from Instagram accounts that don't follow you

As you probably all know, there is no option in Instagram that allows you to unsubscribe from all your subscribers at the same time.

Fortunately, Combin can identify those who refuse to follow you and stop following them automatically and all with just one click. For that, I invite you to follow these steps:

  • First, go to the “Users” tab
  • Then click on “Don’t follow me”
  • Finally, click “Select All” and press the Unsubscribe Users button.


You will understand that Combin works extremely well to easily get followers on Instagram. It is a very effective way for me to communicate with Instagram. It allows to energize an Instagram account in a natural and efficient way.

Note that Combin exists in a free version, but the paid version starting at $10 per month, allows, among other things, to use several Instagram accounts at the same time as well as to perform unlimited actions in the application.