Format a hard drive larger than 32 GB in FAT32

format fat 32 hard drive
format fat 32 hard drive

Last updated: July 3, 2022

The problem with hard drives over 32 GBis that you cannot format them to FAT32 under Windows. However, the NTFS format is not compatible with all systems.

Imagine you want to use your hard drive on a Mac or Media Center… Here's how to solve this problem.

FAT32 is a file system invented by Microsoft. Its advantage is its great compatibility with the majority of products : televisions, multimedia boxes, Playstation 4 all use Fat32. It is also compatible with writing and reading on a computer. Windows or Mac. Its greatest fault is the size limit for each file to 4 GB maximum (and limit to a total disk capacity of 2TB).

So for format to FAT32 a hard drive larger than 32 GB, just use the software Fat32 Formatter.

Fat32 Formatter is a free software allowing you to format hard disks and USB keys in FAT32 format even above 32 GB. You can therefore circumvent the limitation set by Windows and thus redo your partitions without worrying about their size.

How to format a hard drive over 32 GB to FAT32?

Fat32Formatter is very easy to use. Although it is not available in French, the software is quick to configure. The application does not require any installation or configuration beforehand.

To use it, simply download Fat32Formatter software, to decompress the archive then to launch it. Then select your disk in the list, check the Quick Format box and click on Start. More problems !