Facebook Ads: how to make effective advertising?

Facebook Ads is an advertising tool integrated into the popular social network that brings a real professional and commercial dimension to certain centers of interest.

The database of more than one billion registered accounts in 2022 offers enormous marketing potential. What are its characteristics and above all, what are the tips for creating impactful advertising?

Funinformatique.com enlightens you.

Features of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a specific social network publication format intended for advertising. Its characteristics make it a tool particularly suitable for audience targeting thanks to the large user database (for geolocation, center of interest, age, etc.).

You can define the criteria you want from the start and use several templates for your publication.

Use Facebook criteria for targeting

The main advantage of Facebook Ads is to be able to choose for each ad a variation in the target selection criteria. This makes it possible in particular to set up a powerful marketing or advertising campaign.

Take the case of a restaurant that has a FB page. The use of Facebook Ads exploits the advantage of geolocation (location of the establishment, perimeter). The restaurateur can offer different menus during the week to trigger reservations in the area he has defined.

Different ad formats adaptable to your business

Select your format from different Facebook Ads templates to promote your products or services! You have the choice between carousel, photographic, mini-site, slideshow or downright mini-site to capture the attention of your audience. These formats are also 100% responsive and remain perfectly readable from any medium, mobile or computer.

One of the great strengths of Facebook Ads is their ease of distribution. They can be immediately broadcast on the Instagram network that belongs to the same group. Likewise, the distribution of these creative contents can be extended to mobile applications and sites used by your targeted audience, just like the network Alpha Google Ads.

Effective advertising with Facebook Business Manager

Facebook business manager is the professional interface set up by the famous social network to manage publications in common with Instagram. This includes comprehensive statistical tools to carry out real advertising campaigns.

Setting goals through advertising

In a marketing or advertising strategy, you have to define the intention first. The Business Interface associated with Facebook Ads allows you to do it simply. A campaign will have an objective and several possible settings.

Campaign creation and goal setting screen

The objectives are classified into three categories which correspond to visibility, reputation and volume. Even though the three are related, it is possible to focus on one of them specifically.

Target your audience with precision

Facebook Ads and the Business Manager environment allow for extremely precise targeting. With Facebook, the refinement possibilities are endless! You can make a selection according to four powerful criteria:

  • Basic demographic criteria : Identify your targets by filtering by gender, age and spoken language. This will maximize the chances that your ad will be understood and of interest to the public.
  • Location : if you prefer local shops, this option is for you. In particular, this makes it possible to control transport costs. Define the place and scope of action: city, region or country.
  • Advanced demographic data : this is where Facebook Ads can be the most precise and selective. You can target the public according to the activity, the anniversary date or the vacation spots visited, for example. There are no limits except your imagination. The more accurate the data, the more interest your ad will potentially generate.
  • Centers of interest : This option is particularly interesting and allows the potential effect of the ad to be based on a prior statistical analysis. If, for example, you resell old car parts, you can target collector car enthusiasts. They will welcome your ad as a possible answer to their possible questions.
Audience targeting with Facebook Ads

Take care of your advertising content

Facebook Ads is based on an algorithm comparable to that of Google for content. This highlights the richness, relevance and elegance of the content. It is essential to take care of this part to be “well seen” by the search engine.

The text for Facebook Ads must be well presented, attractive and clear.

For maximum efficiency, it should:

  • Do not exceed 300 characters. So you have to be concise.
  • Briefly present the product or service.
  • Arouse interest, desire, curiosity. Be imaginative and impactful!

Take care of the visuals as well, ensuring that they are clear and understandable.

Conclusion Facebook Ads: Be creative!

What if your ad went viral? The only limit is your imagination! Take care of the content and above all, stand out! Seek inspiration from walking models. Just observe the number of engagements (likes, hearts, etc.) that testify to the success of the publication.

Also remember to take care of your visuals, and don't hesitate to use video! A large majority of Internet users are more sensitive to this dynamic format.