Erase your tracks with BleachBit

erase your tracks with bleachbit
erase your tracks with bleachbit

You not only leave traces in your browser, but you also leave traces in most software and operating systems. You may not know it, but all your digital activities are saved on your PC.

In order to best protect your privacy (and not just clear the chrome cache!), here is BleachBit !

BleachBit is software under a free license (GPL v3). The latter will allow you to delete your digital traces under Windows and Linux. It easily cleans the system (APT, bash, thumbs.db, recycle bin, recent documents, etc.) but also the software: Google Earth, Adobe Reader, Filezilla, Flash, OpenOffice. org, Pidgin, RealPlayer, Skype, Microsoft Office, Gimp, Windows Media Player, Azureus, Winrar, and many others…

In addition, it will take care of emptying the recycle bin and clipboard, eliminating the list of recently viewed files and deleting all temporary files. For added security, BleachBit is also able to overwrite erased data so that a person cannot retrieve it!

Before using BleachBit, I advise you to write down your username and password somewhere…

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