Epic Browser: for surfing without tracking!

epic browser for non-tracking surfing
epic browser for non-tracking surfing

Last updated: December 31, 2022

There are excellent free software that allow you to browse anonymously on the Internet such as AVG PrivacyFix or Epic Browser. The particularity of this little one is that unlike the others, it is not added to your browser but completely replaces it.

Epic Browser is a fairly simple yet very comprehensive web browser. Its interface is very close to the famous Google Chrome because it is based on the same architecture, but unlike the latter, it encrypts browsing, bans cookies and trackers, prevents ads from being displayed, and passes searches on Google by one proxy.

Epic gives you a number of features such as a anti phishing, an integrated video player, a translator, and much more. By default, Epic Browser allows you to surf in private mode, relatively anonymously. The browser uses its own search engine, specially dedicated to respecting privacy: Epic search.

Available for Windows and Mac OS, this browser erases your history after each session, therefore it does not support or accept any extensions since it cannot manage their settings.

The program will never ask you to authorize a cookie because Epic automatically blocks them. When you open a web page, a pop-up window will show you the number of trackers that are blocked.


Finally, for maximum privacy, use the Epic proxy server to hide your IP address. Click the proxy icon at the top to enable it. Epic notifies you when Flash and Java release your real IP address. You must also deactivate them in the settings to be completely anonymous on the net.

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