Eliminate annoying ads without installing anything

remove ads without installing anything
remove ads without installing anything

Often times when we want to watch Streaming Movies or download them from direct download sites, many annoying ads appear.

On reputable sites, it allows us to offer you free quality content, financed by the sale of these advertising spaces. But other torrent or download sites abuse this financial windfall by imposing numerous pop-ups or advertising spaces on you.

The problem is that these ads will never disappear on the Internet. Because it has become the easiest way to earn a financial return on the sites and applications that contain them.

But no one likes intrusive advertising thrown right in their face. Regardless, there is a solution for eliminate these ads without installing anything.

Public chat Google Chrome, there is a function that allows you to block intrusive and deceptive ads. Here we will see how to activate it!

Block pop-ups in Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome user under Android, iOS or Windows, here is how to eliminate intrusive ads.

  • Click on the three small dots at the top right
  • Click on the Site settings option
  • Next, look for the option titled Pop-ups and redirects and click on it
  • This is where it is a little poorly explained on the part of Google, but it is indeed necessary to uncheck the option. If you check it, the words Authorized appear, which means that this type of advertising is authorized.

You can also enable data saver option presented in all modern browsers. This means saving and optimizing your browsing, such as reducing the size of web pages and compressing images, and thus also reducing the appearance of advertisements.
You can access this option by clicking on Chrome browser settings then Data saver or easy mode.

Make sure to enable this option as shown in the image.