Oclean Flow Sonic electric toothbrush, our complete test

Last updated: April 25, 2024

Today, we are dealing with products that are increasingly developed and if we think about that, we tend to imagine telephones or computers, even everyday objects benefiting from them.

This is for example the case with toothbrushes. Indeed, we are now a long way from the simple manual toothbrush that you have used all your life. You can now move up the range and it is precisely one of these toothbrushes that we are going to test for you today.

This toothbrush is the Flow Sonic from Oclean and in the rest of this article, we will dissect it for you from all angles and show you that once tested, it is completely adopted!


Let's start at the beginning, namely, a general presentation of this Oclean Flow Sonic electric toothbrush which comes in the form of a package where everything is included to get you started.

Indeed, the basic package contains not only the toothbrush itself, but also a first head to use it immediately as well as a charger to allow you to charge the battery which you will see later is the one of the big strengths of this toothbrush.

In addition to all that, you will also have a user manual which will tell you the main features of this electric toothbrush.

As for the price at which this pack is sold, it is more than attractive. In effect, you will only have to pay 30€ to be able to get your hands on this one, which is very correct given the quality offered. This is even more true when we know that an electric brush is on average more effective than manual tooth brushing.


Now that we have seen that it is possible to obtain a pack ready to use for a sum which is very low compared to what can be done at the level of the competition, let's see how this brush works. electric tooth.

Because yes, having an electric toothbrush is more than having a brush capable of moving on its own andreach areas that are not necessarily easy to reach with a manual brush, it also means having suitable programs at hand.

This is for example the case with this Oclean Flow Sonic which offers the following modes:

  • morning-relief : A soft mode to allow you to do your first morning brushing gently and without aggressiveness
  • night clearout : A much more lively mode which aims to get rid of any food that would have remained stuck during the day on your teeth
  • infinite fashion : For this mode, no timer or modified power, you manage the brushing as you wish
  • Breath refresh : Because we must not forget the cleaning of the tongue after that of the teeth, this mode is very useful
  • caring mode : You have sensitive gums which tend to bleed often when brushing, try this gentle mode

To be completely complete on this point, we will finish by indicating that except for the Infinite mode, the duration of each mode is calculated for a optimal brushing of 2 minutes and brush vibrates every 30 s to indicate that you need to change the brushing area.

One of the advantages of this toothbrush is that you will be able to rinse it without too much hassle. In fact, it is guaranteed IPX7 throughout, which means that you have no fear of it getting wet, for example.

Impeccable brushing!

As we know, an electric toothbrush like this Oclean Flow Sonic has a brushing that will be more optimal than a classic toothbrush. The reason is the movement of the head which is optimized for brushing precisely.

But besides that, this Flow Sonic toothbrush offers several other big points in terms of brushing. For example, we can talk about its brushing speed which can reach up to 76 movements per minute!

We also spoke to you before about the alert every 30 seconds. Thus, you will be able to “cut” your jaw into 4 areas to brush and you will have indications in terms of timing to be sure to brush each of these areas effectively.

Finally, one of the disadvantages of an electric toothbrush is sometimes the noise it makes. Well, you clearly don't have this problem with the Flow Sonic which only makes 55 dB in use. So you can brush your teeth with complete peace of mind.


An electric toothbrush like the Flow Sonic is an excellent choice for all the reasons we have just given you. However, there often remains a problem, that of autonomy. In fact, this is what pushes a lot of people to end up abandoning these toothbrushes.

We forget to recharge it and ultimately, it runs out of battery and ends up lying around in a corner. Well, you won't have this problem at all with this Flow Sonic which stands out precisely for its excellent autonomy.

As proof, it is guaranteed 180 days of use based on brushing which does not exceed two minutes before the battery is ready to recharge. This is clearly a big asset and you may even forget that it recharges by force!

The recharge time is a little long, since it is 5 hours, but given the battery life, we suspect that it will take a little time to recharge. At the rate of two recharges per year on average, we remain on 10 hours of annual recharge, which is not that enormous either.

Strengths and weaknesses

Well then, if we had to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of this Oclean Flow Sonic, we'll start by telling you that it's an electric toothbrush that will quickly become essential for you.

Indeed, no matter what you are looking for or even your type of teeth, you will inevitably find a method of use that suits you. No more bleeding gums, for example with almost all other toothbrushes for the most sensitive.

In addition, with an electric toothbrush, you will have the assurance of leave no area unbrushed. In fact, it is able to reach places where you cannot reach with your traditional toothbrush and therefore achieve much more effective brushing.

The only downside is that, as we mentioned, the charging time is a bit long. But given that this toothbrush recharges very little, it's not a disaster either.


In conclusion, what do you think of this Oclean Flow Sonic? Well, it’s probably one of the best quality/price ratios that you’ll be able to find on the market at the moment, just that!

Indeed, sold at a price of less than 30€, you will struggle to find an electric toothbrush that offers you so many possibilities and above all comparable performance in terms of brushing efficiency. This is impressive and if you are currently looking for an electric toothbrush for you and/or your family, this allows you to have quality at a lower cost.

So, to conclude and if we had to give a rating to this Oclean Flow Sonic, we would go with its solid 9 out of 10. You can perhaps get better on the market, but at this price, it is sure that this it's not the case !