How to put your face on an iPhone video or Android ?

deepfake iphone android
deepfake iphone android

Dernière mise à jour: 20 mai 2023

If you don't know this term yet, Deepfake is a new technology that allows to create fake videos based on theartificial intelligence. It is mainly used to overlay existing videos on other videos (for example: the change of face of a person on a video ).

Today, anyone can download deepfake software or even use mobile apps to create a deepfake.

If you are looking to have fun with this technology, Recover is the best deepfake app you can use to put your face on a video.

With this app, all you need is a photo of a face. The software uses face swap AI called RefaceAI to overlay your face on videos or GIF images.

How put your face on a video with Reface?

First, download Reface on your iPhone or mobile Android. The application is free and available for Android et iOS . Then follow these steps:

Import photos

The first time you use it, Reface will ask you to take a selfie or import a photo from your gallery. For optimal use, choose a photo where the person has a clear face and is not smiling.

To import more photos, go to Profile and click Add Face.

Navigate between proposals

You cannot do a direct search but the videos are classified by theme. The application's home page offers you a list of videos that it wants to highlight. The second tab offers the top 100 videos.

There is then a Pro tab with the French stars then eCards and Holidays.

Make a video

At the top right of each video, you'll find the photo you uploaded when you first used it.

To select a different one, click on it.

When you've chosen the video you want, click on it and wait for the process to complete (and the ad if you have the free version). Click Save to the gallery if you like it.

Create a GIF

Unlike videos, you have to click Search to find videos. animated gifs. Two banks of gifs. Two banks of gifs are available: Tenor and Reface.

The paid mode allows you to directly import gifs.

When you've found the perfect gif, select it. At the bottom right choose the face and click on Reface.

Once the gif is created, click Save to save it or Share to send it to your friends.

Should we be concerned about Deepfakes?

Many people are concerned about the rise of deepfakes and the possible negative impact they can have when used to misrepresent someone. However, it seems that for now, Internet users are only using this technology for fun.

Have you ever tried deepfake apps? Are you satisfied with the results? Share your thoughts on this new technology in the comments.