Download area is dead: watch out for scams

download zone beware scam
download zone beware scam

Last updated: December 25, 2022

When the download area was closed, sites appeared on the net with the same domain name (but with a different extension ws, tv, org ..). Experienced webmaster took care to make clones of the download area in order to position yourself on the keyword "download zone" on Google.

Even if they look a lot like the real download zone, they only look like it. All these clones have one goal: to scam internet users.

The content of these fake sites is still far from being there. It would suffer from some gaps in the sections. The catalog is very limited which gathers many inactive links.

Unable to download content from these sites. On the other hand, the slightest click will send you to windows looking to rip you off. The accounts on social networks in the name of Zone-Download are also fakes.

Two scams most used by clone administrators

The administrators of these fake sites scam Internet users in different ways:

  • Some assure the visitor, with a lot of pop-ups, that he has won a tablet or a smartphone. They do not hesitate to pass themselves off as large companies like Orange to encourage visitors to provide them with their bank details.  Please do not give your data (name, phone number, usernames, bank details, etc.)  to anyone on the internet, until you know exactly who you are dealing with.
  • Other bogus sites link to pages insisting that they install dangerous applications on the visitor's computer, promising that they will then be able to access the content they are looking for. This app download touted as harmless will cost you $ 4 and of course you will never get your file.
Example of a fraudulent site sent by a ZT clone

Why make a download area clone?

The answer is simple: earn money on the back of the original ZT download site.

In the marketing world, a product that works is a product that you copy. No successful download site is without its clone.

Download Zone has become so famous that creating a fake will certainly be as profitable as the original. By copying it, you benefit from its popularity and avoid being drowned among the thousands of download sites. It is better to be second on a search: "Download zone" than 15th on: "direct download sites".

And voila, our article on fake download zone sites is coming to an end, I hope you are now able to identify, understand and classify them: lie, clone, scam… and avoid them!