A tip to double the autonomy of your iPhone and iPad


Last updated: July 21, 2022

We are spending more and more time on our mobile phones and not just on the phone. We surf, chat and play and after only half a day the battery is already draining. It's annoying when we all know how much time we have to go without our smartphone before it is recharged.

To remedy this, I share with you a tip for increase the autonomy of the iPhone in a spectacular way.

So what is it all about? It couldn't be simpler: just disable the processes that allow apps installed on the device to refresh in the background.

To do this, it's simple since you just have to go to Settingsthen General and finally Background refresh, and deactivate the option! This solution actually applies to all iOS devices.


Obviously, by applying this trick, you greatly double the autonomy of your iPhone or iPad. However, the ideal is in fact to mix this trick with other usual advice, from disabling 3G / 4G when you are on a wifi network to disabling Wifi / Bluetooth when you don't need it, decrease brightness, and suppression of vibrations and ringtones.