deactivate Windows store of Windows 10

uninstall windows store windows 10
uninstall windows store windows 10

You want to deactivate Windows store on Windows 10 to prevent a child or a beginner from installing anything and everything. With this solution, you will be able to Supprimer Windows Store Windows 10 easily.
Here you will learn how to disable and limit the use of Windows Blind for an environment Windows 10 with a professional version.

 How to deactivate Windows Store on Windows 10 ?

For deactivate Windows Store, we will use the utility Wpd. The latter allows you to control the privacy settings of your computer. It also allows you to uninstall applications Windows 10 and block updates.
Requiring no installation, WPD can be run from any directory.
Here is how to remove Microsoft Store with WPD.

  • First of all Download WPD Utility, unzip the archive then run WPD.exe.
  • Then click on Apps
  • Then in the list select Microsoft Store
  • Finally at the bottom click on delete selection

Congratulations ! You have deactivated the Windows Store thanks to WPD.