How to disable an update Windows 10 ?

windows 10

Several months, even a few years ago, Microsoft offered its new operating system Windows 10 to replace the 7 and 8. It is now marketed with the majority of new computers under Windows. This arrival of Windows 10 caused many problems.

First of all updates were often bug fixes. These updates are quite significant. However, some updates can freeze your computer, prevent the computer from opening certain programs, slow down the performance of your machine or even more radical delete certain files. This is absolutely not Microsoft's fault but rather an error allowing numerous breaches in the operating system.

So if some updates are causing you problems and preventing you from using your computer, here is a little tutorial on how to disable update Windows 10 with ease.

There are many ways to disable update Windows 10, here are the simplest ways.

First of all, you should know that updates Windows come from the program Windows Update. It is also thanks to this program that Windows 10 installed if you were previously on Windows 7.

deactivate Windows Update

To deactivate updates, you must deactivate this service. Windows Update.

To do this you need to open services.msc by pressing the key Windows + R then type services.msc and OK.

In the list of programs look for Windows Update, right click on it and stop the service.

Then double-click on it and turn the service off.

Then, to reactivate these updates, go to this same program services.msc, double-click Windows Update and change the startup type to automatic.

Disable updates Windows 10 in the register

Now here is another equally simple method to deactivate Windows Update. Using this method Windows Update will still be running but will no longer download any updates.

  • To get started, type the key on your keyboard Windows + R
  • Enter regedit in the page tab.
  • Go to the following tree: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU .
  • Right right click, new, value (Dword32). Name this value NoAutoUpdate and give the value 1.

Then restart Windows.

It's good, you have disabled any recent update installation of Windows 10.