Discover and block thieves from your WIFI with your Android mobile

Since the time that I speak to you about the security of the Wi-Fi network, we have seen how to test wifi network security and how to protect against intrusion attempts. But to be sure that your network has not fallen into the wrong hands, I suggest you discover Fing.

Fing is a very simple Android app. She scans your network at regular intervals to see what devices or computers connect to it. For each device, the application provides the IP address, the MAC address as well as its name on the network and its manufacturer. It is even possible to know if it is a smartphone or a computer.

With Fing, it is possible to give the device a new name that will replace its hostname in the application interface. Convenient for easily identify an intruder.


Fing can detect an intruder, but not kick him out. However, you can find the MAC address of these thieves and try to block them in your box settings.

To do this, open your browser and type After entering your subscriber identifiers, you will be able to have the list of devices connected to your box as well as their IP. Find the option to manage MAC addresses and enable filtering. Please note, you must not activate it before entering at least the address of the PC on which you are making your settings.

However, you should know thata MAC address is easily falsified and our intruder can come back if he's smart enough. I recommend that you change your key or your encryption type instead. Go for WPA2 and find a key that is strong enough. However, all your connected devices will need this new password.

Download the Android Fing app