Detect connection issues with Down For Everyone Or Just Me

hide a rar in an image with ms dos
hide a rar in an image with ms dos

Here is a silly little site that can keep you from going wild.

Have you ever wondered if the site you want to visit is offline or if it is a problem with your connection (router, proxy, etc.)? Go to the site Down For Everyone Or Just Me. Note the URL in the field and click or just me? After validating the link, the service tests it and returns the result.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me will tell you if the site is reachable from its server or if it is only a concern that arises for you. Then it's up to you to see if there is any problem on your side.

This online service is satisfied with the bare minimum: a text box in which to enter the address of the site that you want to test.


No need to explain how Down for everyone or just for me works since there is absolutely no option (I told you it was a minimalist service). All you have to do is enter the URL of the site which is no longer responding and query the machine. In less than a second, depending on the answer given, you will know if access is unavailable to everyone or if you are the only one affected.