Detect and wake up dead pixels on your screen

repair dead pixel screen
repair dead pixel screen

Have you noticed that your screen has a defective pixel? You can't help but stare at him for days, wondering if he has a solution, right?

In this tutorial, we will see together how to identify the problematic pixel, and even how resuscitate him.

What is a bad pixel?

Your computer screen is made up of millions of tiny, carefully programmed lights called pixels. All of these pixels form the screen image. A pixel is so small that you can hardly see it with the naked eye. The more a screen has, the sharper the image!

Within the pixels are subpixels that emit RGB (red, green, and blue) colors, which when lit together emit pure white light, while other colors are emitted by changing the levels of each of the three colors.

Un stuck pixel occurs whenever any of these subpixels get stuck on one color - red, green or blue, and appears as a persistent, bright dot on your screen.

On the other hand in the case of a dead pixel, things are much more complicated. This one no longer displays any color. It remains off permanently causing a black spot to appear on the screen.

Causes of dead or stuck pixels

Dead or stuck pixels have plagued monitors since LCD screens first entered the scene.

Park guide walks stuck pixels are stubborn little squares that keep one color all the time, but they are not always permanent.

They are caused by hardware problems, usually due to:

  • Manufacturing defects such as assembly errors,
  • A constantly on transistor, which could affect the pixel,
  • Extreme temperature.

Fix a dead pixel on your screen with Pixel Réa

Pixel réa, what is it?

Pixel sheave is a free, light and 100% French utility allowing you to stimulate and repair dead pixels.

Indeed, the application displays primary RGB colors to detect dead pixels on your screen. If any defective pixels are highlighted.

In addition, Pixel Réa also allows detect and repair burnt areas on plasma, LCD and LED screens. Here no use of the primary colors RGB, but rather the setting on the screen of a uniform gray. The repair of burnt screens is based on the effects of snow from the channels not captured, scanning, and white screen.

How to use real pixel to fix a dead pixel?

Detect failures

First of all, download Pixel Réa from their official website.

After installing and launching Pixel Réa, just click on Lancer in the section Detection of dead pixels.

This will display a uniform color on your screen. Several colors are used for detection, to go to the next color, left click. Once all the colors have been tested, click Exit.

Attempt a repair

In some cases, it is possible to resuscitate a damaged pixel, by forcing the display. To give it a try, click on Repair ... You have three options: Short, Medium and Aggressive Repair.

Try them in order until the problem is resolved.