Delete your personal data collected by Google

google privacy
google privacy

Every day we give a lot of information to Google without realizing it. Who we are, what we love ...
Google may not be the center of the world, but it is the center of the internet. The web giant stores all kinds of information on each Internet user who crosses his path. It thus takes advantage of it by using this data to better target its advertising, but also to transmit it to intelligence services.

If you're like me, not paranoid but just caring protect your privacy, please note that it is possible to consult, delete and limit the collection of your personal data by Google.

Here is a small tutorial to erase all the data that Google knows about you !

How to delete your personal data collected by Google?

First access this address using your Google account.

In this address, you will find the detailed record of your activities each time you use Google's services.

You should see the full list of everything Google says about you:

  • The web pages consulted
  • Videos Youtube Watched
  • The itineraries of your travels
  • Play Store apps
  • And lots of other things recorded over the years...

Then in this page, you will be able to delete your personal data and limit their indexing by Google.

To do this, click on “Delete activities by” in the menu on the left, like the image below:

A new page opens, and allows you to completely delete the history of your google searches and activities on Google. To do this, select “All periods” and “All products”, then click on DELETE.

That's it, all data has been deleted. Google no longer knows what you have been doing on the Internet all these years. I advise you to repeat this procedure regularly to delete new data collected by Google.