How to remove forgotten BIOS password?

delete the forgotten bios password
delete the forgotten bios password

Forgot your BIOS password? Your computer crashes as a result of a BIOS modification or a hardware change? We have already seen how to protect and secure bios,

In this article, we will see how to remove and remove the bios password and reset BIOS settings by clearing CMOS memory.

CMOS is a memory chip that stores low-level settings like system time, boot password, your fan speed, memory latency, device boot order, and more generally, all of them. BIOS settings on your motherboard.

So to remove the bios password, we are going to empty the CMOS memory. There are two methods for this: hardware and software.

1. Stack method:

This is the hardware method, it consists of removing the battery for at least 30 seconds, this will reset the BIOS password to zero.

In the case of a laptop, do not forget to remove your battery and the power cable.


2. PC CMOS Cleaner:

This is the software method, in case you don't want to touch the inside of your PC.

Just download the iso of  PC CMOS Cleaner , burn it and kick it onto your CD.

Once the PC CMOS Cleaner is launched, follow these steps:

Click on the button Next


After you have 2 choices:

  • Choice 1: only removes the BIOS password.
  • Choice 2: does a default reset of your BIOS (return to factory settings).


In our case, we will choose choice 1 to remove the password.


Finally restart your PC, and voila the password of your BIOS is deleted.