In the darknet, a fake French passport costs 1.500 euros

darknet passport prices
darknet passport prices

Dernière mise à jour: 14 mai 2024

Obtaining a false, falsified passport in the darknet of the Tor network is not difficult and not expensive.

Several sites offer to create false real official papers, for a few hundred euros. To make them untraceable, exchanges are made via virtual currency Bitcoin and encrypted and anonymous connections.

Example of a site offering fake passports on the darknet

Vocativ, an American magazine, analyzed the prices of falsified or stolen passports sold on 13 sites from the darknet and found that French passports cost 1.500 to 3.000 euros. Danish passports are the most expensive.

These prices place the French passport at the top of the ranking, no doubt because it allows its owner to visit 145 countries in the world without a visa (against 147 for the United Kingdom and the United States, in the lead).

But how are these costs determined?

After compiling the tariffs offered by thirteen separate sites, Vocativ was able to put together a ranking of the selling price of passports from one country to another. Whether a passport is rare or difficult to forge also affects its price.

For example the Danish passport sells for 1 to 660 euros. And the same goes for Belgian or Dutch passports.

While the price of the American passport to visit 147 countries is offered from 826 to 1 euros only.

Here the ranking of fake passport prices by country in the darknet:

Fake passport price ranking in the darknet
Fake passport price ranking in the darknet