Cyborg Hawk - Another Kali Linux Alternative

alternative kali linux
alternative kali linux

Last updated: December 26, 2022

Cyborg Hawk is a GNU / Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and with MATE desktop environment. It is intended for security enthusiasts and professionals.

The objective of Cyborg Hawk is to provide a distribution gathering all the tools necessary for the pentest. It contains all the necessary tools for auditing a network and for forensic analysis.

It contains more than 750 tools for pentesting, network analysis, reverse engineering, exploiting flaws, etc., all in an ISO that can be launched in live mode.

Among these tools, we find Beef to exploit the XSS flaws, Metasploit, Sqlmap to detect SQL flaws, Nmap et zenmap to analyze a network, Maltego for collecting information, etc.

interface-Cyborg Hawk

You can download Cyborg Hawk on Sourceforge. Cyborg Hawk is touted as stable, light and powerful. Its tools are regularly updated thanks to a repository.

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