Release of the two creators of the Download Zone

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Last updated: December 25, 2022

After three months of detention, the two young managers of the Zone Download site were released under judicial supervision with an electronic bracelet.

This period of detention was pronounced by the judge on the grounds that the administrators could have tried to flee abroad to evade justice.

Zone Telechargement was the most visited download site in France. It offered over 2,5 million links to music, movies, and games.

Over the years, it had climbed into the top 10 of the most visited websites in France. This direct download platform generated almost 4 million connections per month which represented a huge profit for Zone depload and a big loss for the entertainment industry according to the rights holders.
After a complaint lodged in November 2014 by the society of authors, composers and music publishers (Sacem), the national gendarmerie announced in November 2016 the closure of the “Download Zone” site.

The official website has been inactive since. Several download zone clones are born on the web that may contain scams imitate the original site to attract Internet users

The two young men are accused of illegal downloading, counterfeiting, covert work and money laundering in an organized gang. In total, the police seized 450 euros from bank accounts as well as luxury cars and apartments.

Both have already recognized their responsibility in managing the Download Zone. during a first confrontation that took place on February 28. The first dealt with the administrative part, the second with technical matters.
On Friday March 10, they were released after more than three months in pre-trial detention for their role in managing the Zone Download site. Very good news for their lawyer, Master Cohen,

On the other hand, the judicial soap opera for them is far from over. They still have long months of criminal proceedings or substantial damages could be demanded against them.