Monitor your RAM usage on Windows

monitor RAM

Last updated: January 1, 2023

Do you find that your PC is much slower? Does it crash at any time? It displays you blue screens continuously ? Know that it can come from memory RAM.

It's time to manage RAM usage from your PC and find out which processes are consuming a lot of resources.

In this article, we will see step by step how check the amount of RAM installed and used on your Windows with the tool MemInfo.

What is MemInfo?

MemInfo is a small free program (637 KB) which allows you to monitor your computer's memory usage and to optimize it in order to increase the overall performance of the system. It's easy and convenient, no need to open / close the usual task manager.

MemInfo displays the current memory usage in real time Windows in the system tray. This tool can even warn you of high memory usage and find the causes. It works very well on all versions of Windows.

How to monitor RAM with MemInfo?

Meminfo is very easy to use. Simply download the installer from this link. The installation can be done in standard or portable version.

Then run the program and it will appear in the lower right area of ​​your taskbar.

Hovering over its icon will display the overall memory percentage of your Windows.

Right-clicking will give you access to several configuration parameters as well as real-time consumption of current processes on your system.

You will also be entitled to information on the disk space used and other options such as running defragmentation, free memory a task or terminate a resource-intensive process.