Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts under Windows

chrome keyboard shortcut
chrome keyboard shortcut

Last updated: January 2, 2023

Si Google Chrome is one of the browsers that you rely on a lot to surf the web, I recommend you toadd some Chrome keyboard shortcuts to your way of working on the Internet.
This will speed up your research, obtain valuable information more quickly and increase your productivity.
Like its competitors which are Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, Google Chrome provides users various keyboard shortcuts in order to carry out manipulations more quickly than if they were carried out only with the help of the mouse.
You can check them all out with my list below!

Chrome keyboard shortcuts

In this list I have gathered you 20 most useful keyboard shortcuts in Google Chrome to save you time and be more efficient.
Keyboard shortcuts have been around for a long time, but few Internet users know how useful they are. Once you master them, you will be able to notice how much time they save you.
The most useful keyboard shortcuts for manipulating Chrome faster are the following.

  • Ctrl + F : to search a web page. Then enter the search terms.
  • Ctrl + D : to save an interesting article or a web page in your favorites.
  • Ctrl + H : to display your browsing history.
  • Ctrl + I : to display the favorites that you have already saved.
  • Ctrl + J : to display the list of your downloaded files.
  • Ctrl + T : to open a new tab in your Chrome browser.
  • Ctrl + W : to close the active tab.
  • Ctrl + N : to open a new window in Chrome which in turn will be able to display different tabs.
  • Ctrl + P : to print a web page
  • F5 key : to refresh the web page displayed in the active tab.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N : to open a window in private browsing.
  • Ctrl + 9 : to go to the last tab and display the web page found there.
  • Ctrl + + : to zoom 25%.
  • Ctrl + 0 : to reset the zoom level to the default display size.
  • Ctrl + click on a link: to open the page targeted by the link in a new tab.
  • Ctrl + Tab : to activate the tab to the right of the one selected.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab : to activate the tab to the left of the one selected.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Del : to erase the navigation data.
  • Shift + Esc : for open task manager. This task manager allows you to stop processes like tabs which consume a lot of memory.
  • Ctrl+Shift+i : to access the development tools.

It's your turn to try these shortcuts

It only takes a few minutes to learn these shortcuts.
If you spend a significant portion of your work time surfing the web, it may be a good idea to spend a few minutes learning these keyboard shortcuts.