Choosing the right web hosting

It's a nagging question all website owners when it is ready to launch.

This factor is very important and should not be neglected, indeed, there are many hosting providers on the web and the services offered differ significantly.

Several criteria need to be studied closely for the selection of a host, so who are the hosts with whom to engage in the long term?

Let's try together to take a tour of the offer that is proposed to you to clarify things.

Why is accommodation so important?

we all hate websites that take a long time to load and we demand the best experience when it comes to browsing and whatever we do, purchases, consultations…

One thing is certain, navigation must be extremely limpid so that Internet users remain the as much time as possible on the site.

For good choose your web host, it is essential to be aware of the list of technologies offered, so that your site can enjoy the correct speed and essential performance.

It is necessary for the host to offer innovative technologies and latest cries like the SSD, HTTP/2, a fast CDN, a photo compression system…

After-sales service

It is a factor of a capital importance and essential for the smooth running of the whole process.

Customer and technical service must be able to be contacted at any time to solve this or that problem, by email, telephone and live chat.

Technical problems can happen at any time, you better understand the importance of this point, because every minute lost, so many euros fly away.

Ideally, this is the phone contact which is to be preferred so that the repair or troubleshooting is done as quickly as possible.

A word of advice, watch this clause closely on the terms of sale and use page.

The backup method

Another more than important factor, indeed it is imperative to be certain that the chosen host can safeguard your data.

There are many reasons that could compromise your data, a hacker attack, fire, water damage..

This is the reason why your host must necessarily highlight all deployed devices, whether preventive or curative for the protection and recovery of your data.

The impact on the environment

The digital sphere is on the top steps of the podium when it comes to carbon production, the sector having the same results as those of air transport.

If your ecological fiber is developed, you will then be attracted to providers with the best ethical credentials.

Here are some points to check to be sure of the deontology of each one :

  • Energy solutions
  • Cooling techniques
  • Server infrastructure and fleet
  • Investment levels and the ecological outlook of society

Who are the preferred hosts?

OS2 Switch

OS2 Switch is a web host 100% French which receives all the votes of Internet users and web entrepreneurs who work with the internet hosting company.

Located in the center of France, OS2 Switch is a standalone web host which administers its data centers alone and hundreds of thousands of customers use their services every day.

The French host benefits from a large popularity and prestige commensurate with the quality of the services offered.

  • Totally French company
  • Company-owned data centers
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Free domain name and SSL
  • Highly rated for performance and stability


A domiciled host en Germany on the other side of the Alps.

The company offers several services, hosting of course, but also the distribution of streaming content and demand.

Counted is a host has a excellent reputation in the world of accommodation, it is true that its assets are numerous.

  • A perfect respect for ecology
  • Company based in Germany
  • Very efficient customer support
  • SSL offered
  • Incomparable performance with other players in the sector


Difficult to overlook SiteGround, in fact the host has a wide range of services. Shared web hosting and many tools developed internally and for WordPress sites

The host relies on Google Cloud servers, the performances are just remarkable, the technologies very advanced and the icing on this beautiful cake, excellent customer service.

In addition to site hosting, SiteGround manages the registration of domain names.

  • Free SSL certificates and no matter which plan you choose
  • The interface is very pleasant, fluid and easy to use.
  • Lots of WordPress tools
  • Finally, real customer service
  • ...


You will now be able to choose a knowledgeable host, take your time to compare the offers and pay close attention to the points we have just covered.

Your website should be online very quickly now…