Avoid requesting the acceptance of cookies

Avoid the request to accept cookies
Avoid the request to accept cookies

You have undoubtedly noticed the warning messages concerning cookies that appear when you visit a French site?

This is a recommendation from the CNIL in partnership with professionals in the field to make users aware of the collection of personal information.

If you are already aware of these stories, are already protected, or are tired of clicking "OK I ACCEPT THESE COOKIES", then know that there is a solution.

Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox or Opera, you can install the extension "I don't care about cookie".
Admit that it is aptly named! So you will no longer have to click on Yes, I accept each time you surf on a French site. This extension will allow you to automatically remove all messages that inform you that the site you are on uses cookies. No settings to do, just install it and that's it.

This plugin should make you happy and especially save you time!

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