BlackPhone: the cell phone of hackers


Last updated: February 20, 2023

Blackphone is a smartphone whose primary objective is to protect your privacy and that of your data. Its added value is not its hardware configuration, its design, or even its price.

No, the real plus of the Blackphone is its software environment, entirely dedicated to security and the protection of privacy.

Encryption calls, SMS and files exchanged, VPN, blocking intrusions: a spy devices or hackers, for web mafias as for those who wish to escape them.
Basically, the Blackphone is a device that could not be more standard. There is no specific hardware configuration. But this smartphone, if it runs well on Android, has inherited a modified version of the operating system: PrivatOS, developed by Geeksphone.
On the hardware side, the Blackphone includes a 5,5-inch diagonal HD screen (1080p), an irremovable 3060 mAh battery and 3 GB of RAM. 32 GB internal storage space and the eight-core processor.
The company Geeksphone has also joined forces with several software partners to create a secure environment, a sort of package of recognized and militant solutions such as the Silent Circle and PGP companies ... behind which hides PhilZimmerman, essential encryption guru and tireless advocate of privacy in the face of the big bad guys watching us.

When you buy a Blackphone, you get included licenses that give you access to all encryption solutions, free VPN, control of Wi-Fi access and incoming and outgoing data on your device.

Configuration of course made easier: you activate these pre-installed services in a few simple and intuitive steps. The fairly high price (450 to 500 euros) of the device is partly explained by these integrated licenses.