BlackPhone: the cell phone that protects your privacy


Blackphone : It's not just another phone on the market. Its main mission? Protect your privacy and your data at all costs. If you think its real strength lies in its hardware power or its design, think again.

The real treasure of the Blackphone is in its software. Fully focused on security and privacy, it offers extraordinary features.

Blackphone environment

Imagine a device that encrypt your calls, your SMS and the files you exchange. Add in a solid VPN and intrusion blocking system, and you have the dream phone for anyone who wants escape from prying eyes, whether hackers, digital spies or web mafias.


But that's not all. Geeksphone, the company behind the Blackphone, didn't work alone. It has teamed up with several software partners to create this ultra-secure environment. Among these allies, we find essential names like Silent Circle and PGP.

And who is behind these companies? The encryption guru himself, Phil Zimmerman, a staunch privacy advocate, always ready to stand up against those who want to compromise our digital security.

When you invest in a Blackphone, you're not just paying for the hardware. You also benefit from licenses which give you access to a complete arsenal of security solutions: encryption, free VPN, control of Wi-Fi access and data flow management.

And don't panic when getting started: activating these services is child's play, thanks to simplified configuration. Certainly, with a price ranging between 450 and 500 euros, it is not the cheapest phone on the market. But these integrated licenses largely justify this cost.

Notable features

At first glance, the Blackphone may seem ordinary. However, behind this “standard” facade, hides a real racing beast. If it works under Android, it however benefits from a modified version of the OS: PrivatOS, a creation of Geeksphone.

For those curious about hardware: the Blackphone is equipped with a 5,5-inch HD screen (1080p), a non-removable 3060 mAh battery, 3 GB of RAM, a internal storage of 32 GB and an eight-core processor.

Fall of the Blackphone

However, every story has an ending. Despite its bold promise of security and revolutionary potential, the Blackphone has encountered difficulties. Silent Circle, the company behind this gem, has been through some tumultuous times, from lawsuits to questionable management decisions. The company even came close to bankruptcy in 2016, marking the end of the marketing of the Blackphone.

But even in its silence, the Blackphone leaves behind a legacy: it continues tooffer software solutions to enhance privacy on other phones on the market.