Bitmessage: exchange encrypted messages with your friends in p2p

bitmessage message cipher%C3%A9e
bitmessage message cipher%C3%A9e

If you want to exchange encrypted messages with a friend who is not very comfortable with a computer, here is Bitmessage.

Bitmessage offers to encrypt your communications without complex settings, key exchanges, or central servers. It is indeed a question of putting the stakeholders in contact thanks to peer to peer.

You have an email address of type BM-orkCbppXWSqPpAxnz6jnfTZ2djb5pJKDb which corresponds to the hash of your public key.

Bitmessage is used by members of the Tor network in order to exchange encrypted messages with one or more correspondents.

You don't need to create a server, register a domain name, or register for a service. You can create as many addresses as you want. Without managing an authentication certificate, it is impossible for a third party to steal an identity.

To use it, nothing could be simpler, just download Bitmessage and double click on it to start it. Your firewall should ask you to create an exception. Done To allow.

Then go to the tab Your identities -> New to generate your email address. Done Ok and wait for the software to generate your address.


To send your first message, go to the tab Send and put your friend's address (to send me a hi, here is my address: BM-2cVQf1ukjn4BNUXAwWanhddLdEcqnNvN1w ) in the field toward:. Type your message and do To send.


Finally, I think Bitmessage is interesting for an encrypted, healthy, neutral and privacy-friendly internet. One of the big advantages of this protocol is the ease of use. 🙂