5 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Beginners

photographer software
photographer software

If you have difficulty using the Adobe suite, I recommend you try these easy to use photo editing programs intended for beginners.

Discover my 5 best free photo editing programs for beginners. These programs are tested and rated by me.


Photoscape is a photo editing program fun and very easy to use. It is available for computers Windows et Mac.

PhotoScape is is free to download and constitute a great alternative to Photoshop or Lightroom which are often too expensive and difficult for novice photographers to use. Once you have mastered the interface, you will have a Swiss Army knife at your fingertips.

Some of the best qualities of the app include support for batch editing, photo splitter, animated GIF maker, and RAW file converter.

The goal of PhotoScape is to make editing digital images "easy and fun".

Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • Batch edit multiple photos.
  • Merge multiple photos to create a larger photo.
  • Convert RAW files.
  • Create animated GIFs.
  • A face finder tool that allows users to find similar faces on the Internet.
  • Color adjustment and white balance changes.
  • Fix backlighting, frames, filters and red eye removal.

Download PhotoScape.


IrfanView is a image editing application very popular that will appeal to beginners. It is entirely free to download and use with a user-friendly graphical interface.

For people who don't need to do heavy image editing, this is the perfect app.

IrfanView can be used to create interesting works of art or to edit photographs. There are some useful features, including cloning, retouching and various other features.

One of the best features of IrfanView is its plugin library. They greatly extend the functionality.

The most popular plugins of IrfanView are:

  • CamRAW: to read RAW files in the application.
  • Slideshow: you can create slideshows in EXE and SCR format.
  • SVG: Adds support for scalable vector graphics files.
  • METADATA: allows IrfanView to display and manage EXIF ​​information on compatible files.

Download IrfanView.


Paint.NET is a Photoshop alternative less powerful but easy to use for Windows users.

After starting life as a replacement for Microsoft Paint in 2004, it is now more comparable to Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.

Paint.NET offers cool features like good layer management, the addition of basic filters as well as various colorimetric adjustment tools. On the compatibility side, it supports the most common formats but discards the most practical, namely the PSD and XCF extensions.

Download Paint.net


XNViewMP is a excellent photo editor for those who do not want a war machine, but powerful, simple and extremely easy to use software!

Indeed, it can recognize more than 500 image formats and is able to export files in no less than 70 different formats.

Among these features are:

  • Lossless rotation and cropping.
  • Resizing.
  • Brightness settings and contrast settings.
  • Red Eye Correction,
  • Filters and drawing.

Download XNViewMP


GIMP is the best  photo editing program for beginners who wish to have Photoshop-like functionality but with easier use.

GIMP stands out from other software in a way that it is a free software et Open source. It is also cross-platform and comes with a portable version that you can throw on your USB drive.

What's really great about GIMP is the amount of plugins and scripts that make it even more useful. It offers a complete set of tools to modify or modify process an image in a professional manner.

Download GIMP.