The 10 best free games for iPhone

iphone free games
iphone free games

The evenings are sometimes long and we believe we have toured the best free games for iPhone.

Whether they are action games, combat, arcade, strategy, simulation ... there is actually an endless range of games as addicting as each other.

I have selected the 10 best free games for iPhone or iPad, some that you have certainly played before, others that you will surely discover. One thing's for sure, these are 10 must-haves that are at least worth trying.

The 10 best free games for iPhone

1 – Candy Crush, the inevitable

It is certainly the most played mobile game of this decade. A virtually unlimited game where more than 4.000 levels are available.

The goal is simple and addicting, it is a vastly improved version of Tetris where the goal is to complete the levels, the tables by accomplishing the mission presented at the beginning (to drop fruits, to score a certain number of points, to obtain combinations particular…). 5 lives that regenerate every 30 minutes and inevitably bring the player back.

Download Candy Crush

2 – Fortnite, the ultimate Battle Royale

The most played Battle Royale game of the moment, supported by EA which is riding the popularity of the game wonderfully and continues to innovate to offer players relevant updates.

The goal is simple: survive and be the last one alive. Solo, duo or in a team of 4, eliminate all your opponents to be the ultimate survivor.

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3 – Golf Battle, golf in battle

In the same spirit of battle, the goal is again very simple: to finish the golf course with the fewest strokes possible, in any case with fewer strokes than his opponents.

Reach the hole before your opponents and prove that you are the master of the golf course!

Download Golf Battle

4 – Brawl Stars, a real online fight

An online game too, Brawl Stars is an arena battle where team strategy prevails to overcome the competition.

Different modes allow you to have a lot of fun according to your preferences.

It was released in 2018 on iOS and Android. Brawl Stars is a fighting game where the goal is to beat other players, with a reward and ranking system.

Download Brawl Stars

5 – SIMS Mobile, create your world!

Still a must, The Sims Mobile is the most successful version of life simulation game.

Create your characters, create a life for them, build your houses, your buildings, your city and invent a life for your actors.

Download SIMS

6 – Head Soccer, use your head and feet to win

For football fans, this 1 vs 1 game will see your player face off against an opponent determined to beat you. The bonus shots will be your secret boot to score more easily. Headbutt, volley, simple graphics are compelling and make the game extremely addicting.

Download Head Soccer

7 – Asphalt 9, the best car races

A game this time dedicated to car and racing enthusiasts. Sublime graphics, unrivaled fluidity and very enjoyable gameplay, the game has everything to satisfy players. The details are surprising. Win races, money, upgrade your car and unlock new tracks.

Download Asphalt 9

8 – Pokémon GO, capture them all!

Even if the Pokémon GO mania is over, the game is nonetheless inevitable. Augmented reality brings an innovative and unique user experience. Capture them all and gain strategic positions in the arenas.

Download Pokémon GO

9 – Clash Royale, beat them all to win

In an arena, you will have to overcome online opponents, like you, and take control of their turrets. It's up to you to find the right combinations of cards to respond to attacks and win the battle.

Download Clash Royale

10 – 2048, play with your intelligence

An offline puzzle game. The objective is to slide the blocks of numbers to make them accumulate and create the largest possible number, ideally until you get a tile of 2048. The best will go even further!

Download 2048