What to master to become a good pentester

pentester 3
pentester 3

Un pentester is a gifted and passionate programmer, able to understand a program and locate its flaws. He is therefore an expert capable of finding answers to problems deemed insoluble.

To become a pentester, there are several essential points that must be mastered:

 Learn to use the network

That is, learning to search the net for information and the programs you need (knowing how to use a search engine effectively is the minimum). Don't waste time with questionable-looking documents.

Learn to read english

You have to learn to master English to know how to read the articles which are related to this field, because most of these articles are in English.

Handle all the components of your PC

You will need to know at least the main components that make up your computer, and be able to replace a hard drive or the like without a problem.

Start programming

Getting started programming is hard, but after a few hours you may suddenly have a spark of excitement about creating something that isn't there.

To start with HTML, it is very simple after using languages ​​like C, Perl after java and C ++.

Study security and cryptographic systems

The most important thing for a pentester is to study security and cryptography systems, a pentester spends most of his time in front of the computer and on networks and he gives a lot of value to his data.

To learn how to violate a cryptographic system, a good start will be, for example, crossword puzzles.

Know the network protocols

Knowing the network and how it works is as fundamental as knowing how to use a computer until you understand why network cables are made a certain way.

Use an open source Unix system

Every system is good at speeding up, also those of now obsolete computers. To do things seriously, it is inevitable to use a linux distribution.

As in the programming, the first days will be difficult: do not give up. With a little time and a lot of patience you will be able to do unthinkable things with an operating system like Kali Linux.