Avoiding tracked emails with Uglymail

avoid tracked emails with uglymail
avoid tracked emails with uglymail

Dernière mise à jour: 27 mai 2022

Available for Chrome and soon for Firefox, Uglymail lets you know before opening an email whether it will be used to track you.

Indeed, certain companies and certain social networks integrate means of monitoring in their e-mails: opening time, browser used, your IP address, operating systems, etc. (I already told you about how to retrieve a person's IP address by sending a simple email).

For example, if you are subscribed to the mailing-list of FunInformatique, know that the company that manages this service will use a tracker to know if you have opened the e-mail (this allows me to know if they do not fall too often in the spam box). This allows me to determine which users have viewed it and subsequently refer them to other tutorials that may be of interest to them.

Nothing too bad here, but if this data collection bothers you, Uglymail will let you know which emails contain a tracker. Don't open emails or see a little black eye in your inbox.


Ugly Email is able to detect the presence of spy pixels before the user opens the message. If one of them is detected, an eye icon will precede the subject.

You can download Ugly Mail here.