Automatically fill in captchas to save time

autofill captcha
autofill captcha

You certainly know the Captcha aimed at verifying that you are not a robot. They use Turing tests to automatically differentiate a human user from a computer.

However, this is extremely annoying. Because, it is difficult to solve the CAPTCHAS they show you in order to prove that you are not an intruder.

Buster Captcha Slover for Humans is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox et Google Chrome making captchas less frustrating on the Internet.

It is a free and open source extension that helps you fill captchas automatically using voice recognition.

How to fill out a captcha automatically?

Perhaps you have noticed that these captchas have a sound alternative in case it displays badly or if the person is disabled. This is where Captcha Solver for Humans will act:

The extension will simply use voice recognition to fill captchas automatically so you don't have to. Captchas that are really crooked are quickly resolved by clicking the button at the bottom of the widget.

Just click on the extension button at the bottom of the widget to make it automatically resolve the audio captcha.

Note that voice recognition is not foolproof. But you can try again if the extension didn't work well the first time.

Granted, sometimes it can be faster to resolve the captcha manually. But if you come across one that you can't fix, you might want to check if Buster can fix it for you.