Automatically turn off your phone's WiFi when the screen turns off

disable automatic wifi android
disable automatic wifi android

Nowadays mobile phones are more advanced but consume more energy. Part of this consumption can be explained by theuse of WiFi, which stays connected even when your phone is locked.

If you're worried about your phone's battery life, you might want to check out the app Better Wifi On / Off.

Better Wifi On / Off, what is it?

Better Wifi On/Off is a great app for Android Which allows you to turn off WiFi automatically in various situations, for example when your phone screen is turned off.

This app is developed by Sven Knispel and published in the Google Play Store. It has been installed around 50000 to date, with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 in the Play Store.

How to automatically turn off your phone's Wi-Fi?

Info : the official application has been removed from the Play Store. But you can download the Better Wifi On/Off APK, on ​​your Android from the APKPure app store.

At startup, you will be presented with release notes. Click Skip to go to the Home screen.

To customize the app settings, select the settings icon at the top right. Scroll through the list of options and activate expert mode.

This mode gives you a wider variety of settings to manage. When enabled, you will need to return to the page Settings from the home screen.

Under the Wi-Fi Activation Rules heading, you can configure three options for the app to activate Wi-Fi on your phone:

  • Activated when the screen is unlocked,
  • Activated when the screen is on
  • Activated when plugged into the mains.

Check the option "Off when screen off".

At this point, whenever your phone is locked or the screen is turned off, the Wi-Fi will be turned off, saving some of the device's battery.

Finally, you can also leave the "Start on startup" option checked, which will cause the application to start up with the system so that it does not have to be manually configured each time the phone is started.

With these simple rules, you can now automate the launch of WiFi for your phone Android.