Augmented reality: definition, applications, advantages, examples

reality increases 2
reality increases 2

In recent years, we have seen more and more a phenomenon democratizing in our days, that of augmented reality. This phenomenon, many companies believe strongly in it.

But if you are not a real fan of augmented reality, perhaps you do not know this principle or you use it without even realizing it in many everyday situations.

So, in this article, we will look at this phenomenon by first describing you what is augmented reality. Then we will describe you together several situations where this augmented reality can be applied.

Once we have seen all this, you will be able to see for yourself that this principle of augmented reality has indeed a bright future in front of it, and this in a whole lot of things of daily life.

History of augmented reality

When we talk about augmented reality, we often tend to think of an invention that would be modern and would therefore coincide with the explosion of smartphones and computers in everyday life.

So, we are not going to lie to each other, the concept itself, it has been used and popularized recently. However, augmented reality is a dream that has been entertained for years and years.

As proof, what we could call the first real experience of augmented reality, it dates back to 1968. It's'University of Salt Lake City in the USA who in fact created what we could call the ancestor of Google Glass.

Moreover, these Google Glass are clearly the first general public attempt to bring augmented reality into everyday life. Unfortunately, it didn't work, probably too far ahead of its time.

What is augmented reality?

Well, knowing the history of augmented reality is good, but it doesn't answer our big question, namely what exactly is this augmented reality? Well, it's pretty simple, the name tells you everything there is to know.

In fact, the principle is touse a device that is equipped with a camera, so often his smartphone today. Once this is done, you will be able to see the world around you via this smartphone.

Well, augmented reality is all about being able to add digital elements on top of what your phone will display. It probably tells you something and it's like we told you in the introduction a technology that you probably already used before.

Examples and advantages

Now that we know how this augmented reality works and how it was created, it is time to take a look at its many applications and advantages that this technology offers.

The video game

Now that you know how does augmented reality work, one of the applications of this technology that must come to your mind is video games and in particular one of these which has caused a lot of buzz.

This game is obviously Pokémon Go which is surely one of the augmented reality apps that really popularized this technology among the general public. The principle is simple, using this technology to introduce Pokémon into real life.

The advantage of augmented reality in video games is that it mixes the virtual with the real. Indeed, you continue to play, but it continues to favor social events. For example, we all remember the hundreds of players coming together in parks to hunt Pokémon.

This social dimension is also the heart of augmented reality in video games. It is on this point that the developers will bet to createemulation around their software.

Le commerce

The second application that we are going to present to you for augmented reality is a little more down to earth than video games, but it is nevertheless incredible for you and it is becoming more and more democratized.

In stores, there are certain products that you can buy with your eyes closed, such as food. A tomato is a tomato and it does not matter its shape and color. But for example when we talk about fashion or to do work, things get complicated.

Not easy in the store know what looks best in your wardrobe or which model of sofa to choose so that it goes best in the decoration of your living room. Well, augmented reality can help.


More and more sites are offering this technology for their products and this should become even more democratic in the coming years. The principle is simple. Via your mobile or a webcam, you film your room for example.

If we take the example of the sofa, you then choose a model and augmented reality projects it in your living room. With this, you can be sure that you are making the right choice, and the store can more easily close sales and avoid returns. Everyone is a winner.

History and culture

Another area where augmented reality is establishing itself is that of history and in particular museums or castles that you will be able to visit. The problem with these castles, for example, is that sometimes it's hard to really imagine life there.

Via augmented reality, it is then much easier for you to see everyday life in these places. This is a big plus for the visitor who then lives an even more intense experience.

Social networks

Finally, this latest application of augmented reality may perhaps surprise you as you have used it without realizing it. These last years, Snapchat was among the most used social networks.

Yet one of the great strengths of Snapchat it is precisely this augmented reality that we called in the application filters. Indeed, it is even these filters that have largely made the popularity of the social network.

Here again, it is via a fun application that the developers have managed to make a name for themselves. For the consumer, it's a good way to laugh and have a good time with friends.

If we summarize, augmented reality has diverse and varied applications:

  • Highlight the social in video games.
  • Help you make better business choices.
  • Make history and art more interactive and visible.
  • Integrate into the heart of social relations via filters.