APKMirror: install an old version of an app Android

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Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

One or more of your applications Android refuse to work or no longer offer the features you liked? This is sometimes the problem with these automatic updates!

Your version may Android is a little old, but sometimes this type of problem happens for no reason.

The solution ? Go back in time and download an APK version of this app on APKMirror!

APK Mirror is a site that gathers thousands of APK files of PlayStore applications in all versions. They are known to take things seriously, so the risk of malware is minimal.

In the previous image you can see that APKMirror has a search engine that will quickly provide you with a list of available versions of the application you are looking for. It's really practical.

To install an old version of an application, you must first enable installation from unknown sources on your device.

Then you can download the version you are interested in, copy the APK to your phone, obviously uninstall the version you currently have and install this APK.

Easy isn't it?

Please note that updates allow bugs or flaws to be corrected. Use at your own risk.