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PeerBlock blocks IP addresses that are monitoring you
PeerBlock blocks IP addresses that are monitoring you

Last updated: January 1, 2023

The control system set up by the High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet (HADOPI) has claimed many victims. There are, however, anti-hadopi solutions. The problem is that too few internet users use it, or simply think they don't need it.

From a simple warning letter to a conviction in court, anyone who has fallen through the cracks is somewhat frustrated. As for the others, many wonder how to get through this hunt made against the unfortunate people in search of downloads, or other files sometimes protected by copyright it is true.

All the activity of this structure, but also of many other state organizations, or pseudo-governmental organizations, are based on the tracking and theidentification of individuals via their IP address.

It is not so much a discussion of web censorship as a privacy issue that is at stake here. Because if we take a good look, by the IP address, it is all your activity on the net that can be sifted through: from viewing a YouTube video, passing, indeed, by downloading the latest comedy or your activity on social networks.

The Hadopi threat

Was it about censorship? Is it not rather the fear of the gendarme in question. No one wants to receive a warning, like at school, or even a summons. For nearly 5 years, the high authority has ensured, encouraged by the authors, that the works are protected from massive and free distribution. Yet not everyone can afford to go to the movies or buy DVDs. Not to mention that some works can be disappointing ... So much money lost in this case.

In fact, with the development of the Internet, means of exchange and the democratization of the Internet, many sites have offered a system for sharing videos or music, completely free. It is initially P2P, then DDL and torrents, advanced version of P2P. It took many steps before arriving at the implementation, in France, of the Hadopi and its means of constraints. At the same time, it's a whole set of measures anti hadopi which came into being, to eliminate the Warez and protect the broadcast, and the users.

Become an anti hadopi

We mentioned above the main means used by Hadopi to trace back to users: the IP address. It is a real digital identity card, which makes it possible to obtain a rather impressive amount of information, within the reach of all. Do you doubt it? Go to and locate your IP address.

Impressive, isn't it? This is open information, therefore accessible to all. So imagine with more efficient means available, do not doubt it, the state bodies. All of this is meant to convince you that you absolutely need to protect your login data. There are several anti hadopi solutions, anti tracing.

A few ways to protect yourself

Navigating, downloading in DDL, in Torrent, so many activities that we are all brought to do. And to bypass the Hadopi devices, we must prevent it from accessing our IP address. The most effective instruments for hide your IP address and becoming anonymous are proxies, and VPNs.

Proxies allow you to redirect your connection through a server unknown to your ISP. The technique is simple because by doing so, your IP address automatically changes before arriving at the desired site. Note, however, that the effectiveness of the method depends on the proxy used. Here is a list of free proxy. But in certain cases the proxy can be limited for reasons of speed, the fragility of the link.

Park guide walks VPN are virtual private networks. They are instruments for integrating devices into a secure network where information is encrypted from the place of its transmission (you) to that of its processing (a server other than that of your ISP). A sort of tunnel, encrypted what is more, which transforms the IP address, relocates it, and allows free and healthy browsing. There are many suppliers on the market, free or paid, as the demand is growing. It's a tough fight, but here's a link to compare the performance: Choosing the best VPN.

Admittedly, alongside these instruments, there are download methods which do not, a priori, reveal the IP address: the direct download sites or streaming. The first allows you to download a file from a single server, while the second is to view the file directly without saving it. That said, for more security, it seems important to us to double these securities, whether they are proxys and free VPN or paid.

When participating in an anti hadopi fight like this, it is advisable to belong to a community.

Stay informed

The team of FunInformatique makes useful information available to all those who do not support censorship. It is by knowing the magnitude of a threat that we manage to channel it.

We all need advice, tips and new technologies to remain the masters of our universe. You are no longer alone in taking care of your protection. If we have to remain vigilant, we also have to know how to trust the people who are there to help us.