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Last updated: March 3, 2023

You've probably heard of the Anonymous movement, famous for its commitment to free speech and privacy on the internet. This movement has recently proposed its own linux distributionCalled Anonymous OS, based on Ubuntu 11.10 and featuring the MATE desktop environment.

This distribution aims to provide users with a secure and anonymous experience on their computers, using tools such as Tor and encryption tools.

In this article, we will explore the features of Anonymous OS and find out how this distribution can help users protect their privacy online.

The tools available on the Anonymous OS System

The Anonymous OS Linux distribution contains all the tools needed to join the Anonymous movement and participate in its actions online. These tools include the TOR software for access the darknet, as well as software specific to the group, such as Loic and Hoic to carry out DDOS attacks, or even hacking tools such as SQLMAP for SQL injections, John the Ripper, Metasploit, etc.

However, the buzz around this cast has also caught the attention of Anonymous members themselves. Some groups, such as the famous AnonOps, quickly reacted by indicating that this distribution was a “fake” filled with “Trojan horses” and that it should not be used.

It is therefore important to exercise caution before downloading and using Anonymous OS, and to ensure that the sources are reliable.

The SourceForge open-source community site has chosen to join the voices calling for caution in removing the Anonymous OS Linux distribution file from its servers. Now the file is only available for download via the protocol BitTorrent.

According to SourceForge, the name "Anonymous OS" is misleading and there is no proof that the distribution actually comes from the Anonymous collective. Additionally, several security experts have issued warnings about the potential risks associated with this distribution.

Following these criticisms, the creators of the OS published a post in which they asserted that "in our world, in the world of Linux and open source, there is no malware."

If the slightest doubt assails the user, he just has to move on. They also add that contrary to popular belief, Linux is not riskier than other operating systems and is not affected by Trojan horses.

Anonymous OS interface


Whatever, Anonymous OS is just one solution for penetration testers, just like other distributions such as Kali Linux , Bugtraq or Parrot OS.

Finally, if you have chosen to install Anonymous OS on your machine, do not hesitate to share your comments and experiences with us.

We hope this article has provided you with some useful information about this controversial distro and its potential uses.