How to announce caller name on iPhone?

Today, mobile phones are objects that we constantly have on our person and that serve us for many things. Thus, not all calls can be taken and announcing the name of the caller can be life-saving.

So in just seconds you know who is calling you and whether or not you should pick up. It's not available on all laptops, but it is on Apple's iPhones.

So, in this article, we will detail you step by step how to make sure you can announce caller name on iphone. So grab your laptop and let's go!

Announce caller name on iPhone, how does it work?

We just told you, announce caller name on iphone it is a feature that is very useful in several cases. The first is that it allows you to quicklyidentify who is calling you.

In a world where cold calling is commonplace, this allows you, for example, not to waste time. If the number announced is not a known number, you can simply not answer.

And then, one of the advantages when you want to announce the name of the caller on the iPhone is, for example, that it can be practical for people who have vision problems and do not necessarily see very well what is written on the screen.

For the general operation of this feature, it is very simple. Each time you receive a call, your phone will say who it is from. If the number is a contact, it will give you its name directly. If not, then he will give you the phone number.

Set your iPhone to announce the caller's name

Are you convinced that announcing the name of the caller is what you need? Well no worries, let's see together how to get this feature started on your phone.

Know that this will happen in the settings, of course. Moreover, if you wish to deactivate this feature temporarily or permanently, it is of course possible.

It will then suffice to follow the reverse procedure and uncheck the option. Well now that all that is said, we suggest you find the procedure to follow to activate the fact of announcing the name of the caller on your telephone:

  • Go to Settingsthen Phone.
  • Then click on the small red logo Call announcement.
  • Then choose when you want to activate it (always / in the car and with headphones / with headphones)
  • To turn it off, switch the setting back to “Never".

Is it possible to do the same thing on SMS?

Announce the name of the caller, as the name suggests, it is a feature that will concern calls. But is it also possible to do it on SMS for example ? Well, the answer is no.

However, it is entirely possible to be able to recognize who has sent you a message within seconds. For this, you will be able to install personalized sounds depending on who contacts you. In this way, the ringtone will differ and allow you to recognize who is trying to contact you.

How to install a custom ringtone?

To install a personalized ringtone instead of announcing the name of the caller, it's very simple. You will have to go to the contact card of the person for whom you want to set up this feature.

Press Edit at the top right. Then scroll down the contact card until you find the option "Personalized ringtone".

You then just have to choose a ringtone that you will assign to this person for your future communications. You can even customize the vibrate mode if you wish!

A more discreet alternative than announcing the name of the caller?

Announcing the name of the caller is very practical as we have just shown you. But in some situations, this is not necessarily practical. Indeed, we do not always want everyone to know who is calling us.

So, in this kind of case, the personalized ringtone could be very useful to you. Indeed, not only is it more discreet by not saying the name directly, but the fact that you can modify the vibrator makes it even better.

There you go, you now have two options to be able to recognize who is calling you in seconds. You can announce the name of the caller or change its ringtone. We now let you choose the method that suits you best!