Animated GIFs: 5 free sites to find GIFs

anime gif
anime gif

The format animated GIF is an image compression format created in 1987. The animated GIF format is characterized by two important elements:

  • on the one hand the color palette is limited to 256 colors,
  • on the other hand, this format makes it possible to encode several images in the same file, allowing this animation effect so much appreciated on the web.

Competed by the video format, the animated GIF retains an audience that is fiercely attached to it.

Unlike video files, animated gif files are very easy to handle, and on the other hand their limitation to 256 colors makes them very light files, allowing you to quickly create short animations that go very viral.

The technical limitations of the animated GIF format make it very closely linked to early web culture.

If you are also fond of these files to enhance your publications on the internet, here are the 5 sites to find animated GIFs more more demented.


Created in 2013, this site wants to be the Google of animated GIFs and it is the best site to search for a GIF.

Giphy records over a billion downloads every day. Originally designed as a simple search engine, Giphy then integrated an animated GIF database system.

Very quickly Giphy integrated into most social networks and it is easy to use an animated GIF hosted at Giphy with a simple short link on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger etc.

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Created in 2014 under the name Riffsy, this site is Giphy's main competitor.

Tenor is a animated GIF search engine which registers 12 billion requests per month. In the same way as Giphy, Tenor ensured its development by forging partnerships allowing it to be present in major messaging and social network applications.

In addition, its mobile application GIF Keyboard (present on Android et iOS) allows him to easily embed an animated GIF from Tenor into any mobile application. The Tenor site was acquired in 2018 by Google.

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Gfycat is a hosting site created in 2015 which offers both animated GIFs and short videos (compatible with the new HTML5 format). Subsequently, Gfycat developed its offer by offering an interface on the cloud for creating animated gifs. Gfycat claims 130 million monthly active users.

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Imgur is a American animated gif hosting site, short videos, images and the like created in 2009.

When it was launched, this site was developed in perfect harmony with Reddit. Until the day of 2016 when Reddit decides to launch its own image hosting site.

Imgur has two unforgivable flaws: there are not only animated gif (so we must add gif when searching), the thumbnails are not animated. The site hosts very American-centric content; furthermore, no interface other than the English interface is available.

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Reddit is a American site created in 2005 which is between the community forum and information sharing.

The site is open to all subjects and all cultures. The links shared by users give rise to reactions, many of which are via images (including animated gif). There are also directories specifically dedicated to sharing animated gif where everyone shares their image.

Historically, Reddit did not host image content but had entered into a tacit partnership with Imgur. But in 2016, Reddit decided to host its own content in order to maintain its audience on the site.

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