7 alternatives to Tirexo

Last updated: April 27, 2022

Warning: It is important to use a VPN to make yourself anonymous while downloading movies and series. Using a VPN ensures that your ISP and authorities cannot spy on you. We therefore advise you to install a high-performance VPN like that of NordVPN.

While the download king ZT-ZA (formerly known by Zone Direct Download) was losing its energy in legal battles, many platforms have seized the opportunity to take the throne. And it's Tirexo who took over, site still unknown and absent a few months ago.

What is Tirexo?

Tirexo (www2.tirexo.art) is a website listing direct download links, created in 2017. It is the 75th most visited website in France, and the first in its category.

This download platform generates nearly 2 million connections per month.

Tirexo brings together an incredible diversity of content to download or watch in just a few clicks. It is indeed one of the new heavyweights of the download world, by accumulating a wealth of content that is difficult to match.

Note: In 2018, Download zone included in the title of some of its pages the name "Tirexo". This had the effect of making the Tirexo site rise in the first pages of Google search results. We can therefore conclude that at the time the Tirexo site was managed by the same download area team.

7 sites similar to Tirexo

Faced with numerous problems with the courts, the Tirexo website changes its address very regularly and sometimes breaks down.

These problems cause the website to malfunction, so it becomes impossible to access it because its link no longer works.

To remedy this, there are a plethora of other download sites on the web. I suggest you discover a list of 4 best Tirexo alternatives tested and rated by me.

Rappel: As you were told, it is important to use a VPN because using a VPN ensures that your ISP, and the authorities cannot spy on you. We therefore advise you to install a high-performance VPN like that of NordVPN.

1) Wawa city

wawacity is one of the best generalist French-speaking download sites comparable to ZT ZA. Known to many Internet users, wawacity offers movies, series and animes to watch in streaming or direct download.

The only catch is that it is riddled with aggressive ads and popups. So I advise you to install an ad blocker before using it. On the content side, you will find plenty of novelty with many content in HD 720 and 1080. This site deserves a place in your ddl direct download favorites.

Link: www.wawacity.blue

2) Extreme Down

Extreme Down is one of the best platform that shares high definition content for BDRiP and BluRay. It is one of the most visited French platforms according to Alexa. If you are looking for a site to download movies in French or in Vostfr this is the ideal site.

It offers you live download movies with a presentation. The films are classified by quality. You just have to make your choice. Otherwise, the internal search engine can be used to find the file you need fairly quickly.

Link: www.extreme-down.plus/home.html

3) French-stream

French-stream is a French-speaking streaming and direct download site. It offers movies, series and anime to watch in streaming or direct download.

The site classifies films by genre, very practical if you are lacking inspiration in film ideas to watch.

Link: www.french-stream.re

4) Cpasmal

Cpasmal is packed with an incredible diversity of content to download or watch directly from the website. It is indeed one of the new heavyweights in the world of downloading, accumulating a wealth of content that is difficult to match.

It offers the possibility of watching your favorite films and series in streaming vf or vostfr, totally free and unlimited.

Link: wwv.cpasmal.biz

5) Torrent911

The Torrent911 download site is progressing at a very high speed in the ranking of the most popular download sites. The old domain name of Cpasbien and Smartorrent, redirects to this platform.

Torrent911 features 9 different categories on its homepage: Movies, Series, PC Games, Console Games, Music, Latest Software, Top Torrent and Help. The menu allows for intuitive navigation and quick search of torrents

Link: www.torrent911.com

6) Liberty Land

Liberty Land is an ideal space to offer you an incomparable cinema break. You can search for a film by category, or by title in the search bar, and view the file in original version or in french.

Well known in France, Liberty Land has user-friendly and easy-to-use ergonomics. Because of the quality services it offers, it is popular with many Internet users.

Finally, you will find on this site manga, music, games, software or Ebooks… etc

This platform is certainly one of the best for having free content and especially for finding lots of new things.

Link: www.libertyvf.bz

7) Zone-telechargement.cam

Zone-telechargement.cam is the new version of the Zone-télécharger website classified as the reference for direct downloads on the internet. You will often find on this site what you will not find elsewhere!

Zone-telechargement.cam has kept the same interface of Zone télécharger. Only the logo that has been changed. Its use is always simple and the content always accessible quickly with a large multitude of choices for files ranging from TS to Blu-Ray and Ultra HD.

Multiple Download Zone clones have sprung up in recent years, confusing download enthusiasts. Zone-telechargement.cam claims to be the only original version.

Link: www.zone-telechargement.cam