Ads appear when I browse the net

the different types of malware and how to protect them
the different types of malware and how to protect them

For some time now, when you browse the internet, when you select a link even within your favorites, you are redirected to an unknown site which can open others and so on. you are certainly the victim of Malware which installed itself without your knowledge.

No more means of browsing quietly on your favorite sites, located in your favorites. When you click on a link in a page, you don't get to where you want it at all, but you end up with a site, often awful, that tries to sell you a fake brand watch, an unknown antivirus or an anti-virus. oddly named malware.

Your PC is most likely infected with Malware.

Malware or malicious software can install itself on your computer and sometimes it is you who have given your consent! Indeed, these harmful software are installed via applications that we retrieve from the internet: often without reading the conditions, we click on Next frantically and, by installing the software that we have downloaded, we also validate other sometimes very harmful tools that easily pass the antivirus stage! Then the damage is done.

The first visible symptom is often the home page of his browser which is changed. And then it is the behavior of the browser that varies: the Internet pages you consult can be modified, sensitive data can be captured and sometimes it even goes as far as redirecting your navigation.

How to get rid of these Malwares installed in your PC?

  • Clean up installed software

To overcome these intruders installed in your PC, it will take time and strain your patience.

The first thing to do is to go to the Windows control panel and then to the part Software and Features.


Observe the installed software and uninstall anything that may seem strange to you, that doesn't ring a bell, or that you never use. Once this step is completed, you can also launch your antivirus and a thorough examination.

Once you have successfully completed this step, you can still download specialized tools that can sometimes go deeper and find other things. This is for example the case of Malwarebytes or of Spybot. you can also use both concert when the use of one is not enough.


  • Inspect browser extensions

Another little tip, if you are using a modern browser, you are certainly using extensions. Check the extension managers if there isn't one that installed without your knowledge. Because it is also this side that the nuisances come from. A tip to finish; take the time to read everything that appears when installing software, and only download from the software's official website. This will save you a lot of unpleasant surprises!