How to activate Windows 10 for free 2022?

activate windows 10 for free
activate windows 10 for free

Last updated: January 19, 2023

To enjoy all the functions of Windows 10 without limit, it is mandatory to activate Windows 10.

And for that, you need to buy an activation key. However, there is another method to activate Windows 10 for free. In today's article, I will walk you through a simple and easy solution to activate your Windows. So you can use several features, such as changing the theme, installing certain applications, without updates that could damage your PC.

How to activate Windows 10 with KMSPico?

This article is for educational purposes only. To activate Windows 10, you will need the KMSPico utility. It is a popular free utility to activate Windows for free. The latter relies on Windows Volume Registration (KMS) to activate a copy for 180 days. The program remains installed on the computer and before the 180 days, will reactivate Windows again for this same period and so on.


1. First, download KMSpico from this link. Run the software. Windows will warn you that this tool is malicious, don't panic! it is false positive.

2. Once you have installed KMSpico.exe, start the program from the Windows Start menu. Then check the “remove watermark” box, then click on the red button.

Wait a few seconds and you're done. As easy as that.

3. As you can see, the Windows activation warnings are gone.

Note that KMSpico is legal for testing purposes only.

4. Small peculiarity, the utility activates Windows for 6 months. Don't worry, your OS won't forget to remind you when the time is up. It will therefore suffice to relaunch the software, and it is set out again for 180 days.